Saturday, September 17, 2011 Web Site Updated

In the beginning, there was simple HTML which stands for HyperText Markup Language. Couldn't do a lot with it but it was nice to be able to include "hyper" links to related documents or to be able to link to other places within a long document. The ability to link to pictures stored elsewhere was especially welcome as means of creating an illustrated document without having to learn how to "embed" pictures or drawings in it.

Following on from those good old days, HTML has developed beyond all recognition to the point of being almost unintelligible. Not to mention the emergence of XHMTL with it's Draconian rules and it's incestuous relationship to XML, XSL. There also appeared scripting languages such as JavaScript, which allow a page to be messed with once your Browser of choice has downloaded it and displayed it on your screen.

One good development was something called CSS which allowed you to write up your subject and then to apply rules separately on how it should look. It was also a pleasure to discover that HTML5 has appeared and sounded the death knell for XHTML in all it's horrible varieties.

Meanwhile, like the good techie that I am, I had developed my website into a paragon of scripting such that you couldn't even view my pages properly without having JavaScript enabled in your browser. That meant that every bit of content showed by JavaScript in my pages had to be repeated as plain old HTML with "NOSCRIPT" tags around it - double the pain for no gain.

"Enough already" as they say. I've just changed to HTML5 for my collection pages. Completely separate CSS files now say how they look. Any scripting is used only for minor functions, like "back to the top" links which have little effect if they don't work.

I also took the opportunity to show the collection in thumb-nail format with each thumb-nail being a clickable link to a page showing bigger pics and more information. Previous visitors will notice a simpler horizontal navigation bar up top instead of at the side. Makes room for more watches!!

So, click here and see how it looks now.

Best regards, xpatUSA

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