Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aerospace Update

Some time back I was less than complimentary when comparing a newly acquired (eBay) Breitling Aerospace to the trusty Citizen Wingman, See here.

Well, after I worked out that I can set it to local Solar time and still have Central Daylight time on the LCD, I began to warm to it a little. But somehow after making that adjustment, the hands would show up slow to the sun after a day or so. The LCD was still spot-on to the atomic clock over the bench, so off with Aerospace and back on with the trusty Wingman. This went on intermittently for a week or two, until finally I saw a minute pass by on the LCD but no corresponding tick on the minute hand. I have to say that I got seriously pissed-off at my almost $800 eBay bargain (sob).

However, close examination with a loupe revealed a rub mark on the hour hand. So I took the movement out thus:

You take off the strap and put the watch upside down in a vise. The lugs are held firmly near the top of the aluminum-lined jaws. Then take your Dad's old Footprint big mortise chisel and slide it gently into the slot and prise off the back (not for the clumsy nor the faint-hearted). Yes, this tough, adventure's watch has a prise-off back!. However, the rest is pretty easy. Push down on a button thingy and the crown pulls out. More gentle prising on the plastic body gets the movement out, finally granting access to the hands :- as suspected, the hour hand was up too high and a bit loose.

FYI, here's the data in various places on the back of the movement:

1IMP = 0.33 S/MONTH
ETA E10.351 SWISS V8
BAT 399 θ9.5 H2.6 1.55V

I do love the 0.33 sec/month but the Aerospace really is functionally disadvantaged compared to the far-eastern competition. Having said that, it sits well on the wrist, looks good and has the name.

Best regards,