Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fixed my Military Navigator Watch

Made by the Swiss Gallet Watch Co for Marathon, the 6 prototypes were called "Desert Storm" on the dials. I wonder why? This one is a 1990, steel-bodied, signed "Marathon".

Have a look:

1990 Marathon Navigator

The Harley-Ronda 373 movement was ticking - but only moving the seconds hand back and forth, even with a fresh battery. A spare movement from my parts bin fixed that problem. The bi-directional bezel was sloppy and not clicking as it should. The internal spring was distorted and had a segment missing. It measured as 0.015" thick so I stole a guitar string from my studio and made a 0.016" replacement which was a little harder to refit the bezel but, once on, a much nicer fit and feel.

Eagle-eyed folks will notice the considerable bending up of the hands near the posts. I could have swapped the taller posts over from the dead movement but anyone who has attempted this on a Harley-Ronda 373 will understand exactly why I didn't. This watch was already built from a pile of parts and it's my current beater, not for sale, so it's really no sin to do things like that.

Best regards, xpatUSA


Benjamin said...

Ted, - sorry to ask all these years later ... I'm wondering if you might recommend a resource or instruction manual/video that demonstrates how to get into these watches to service them. I have a similar one and the second hand has come loose but it appears I have to remove the glass in order to get at anything. Is this the case? if so, how?

Thanks for any help in advance,

Ted Cossins said...

Is your Navigator the steel-cased Gallet model?