Sunday, April 11, 2010

Strat Step 03

Hello guitar-pickers,

More progress this week. Even had some strings on for a while!

Put the Schaller machines on - silky smooth feel. The holes were 3/8" but, being German, the post sleeves are 10mm - so a bit of filing was needed. I don't like the string tree on the 5th & 6th strings, it will be removed. Too steep an angle over the nut and heavy string wear - even just installing them seriously flattened some windings.

Got the neck bolted on. Fortunately the plate holes lined up with the existing ones in the body. Pity that the truss adjuster is buried in there now. No way I'm going bore an access hole in the body behind the neck pickup.

Here's the pickguard I'll be using. It's a Warmoth custom. They have a a great option selection form and your item is built from your choices. I chose Pearlite, 11-hole, two knobs, leftie, two standard humbuckers. It's great looking.

The Schaller Golden 50's bridge pickup. It'll be mounted with the adjustable poles toward the neck. I may use Schaller 2in1's eventually, because they have two rows of adjustable poles giving a better shot at good string balance.

Next job is to assemble and then wire up the pickguard. Should be fun, but I've done it before many times, so I don't expect problems. I'll be using 500K log. pots a là Gibson and a 0.022 uF capacitor. Just a 3-way Strat style switch, no fancy coil-switching on this job ;-)

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